Male Chastity Cage Review

A little over a year ago, I decided to purchase my first chastity cage, so I turned to Amazon as I suspected I’d need to try out a few different models before finally finding a model, style, and size that fit just right, even if I were to replace it later with a better quality model. It turns our that I was very pleasantly surprised to be able to find a cage that fit just perfectly at a reasonable price and have been using it ever since.

What Is Male Chastity?

Male chastity is the practice of one partner controlling when or if the other partner may orgasm as well as how they may orgasm. This can be done within the context of a BDSM, FemDom, cuckold, or even a fairly vanilla relationship. In my case, my girlfriend decides when or if I may orgasm, though she orgasms whenever she pleases. She will often spend some time teasing me as she loves to play with my cock, but once she decides she’s done teasing, the play is over. It drives me wild, but I do love the feeling of constant arousal and of always feeling horny for her, and I love knowing that she’s always completely satisfied. If we’re having intercourse, I’ll always let her know when I’m getting close to climax so she can decide whether I should orgasm or not. More often than not, the answer is no. I’ll then proceed to give her oral until she’s satisfied.

Some couples practice male chastity by having the partner in chastity wear what’s known as a chastity cage 24/7. The cage usually consists of a cock ring which fits around the base of the penis shaft and the testicles into which is attached a cage which sits around and greatly constrict the penis. This is then locked in place via either a padlock or an internal lock. Often the partner in control will hold onto the key, though it’s not uncommon for the partner in chastity to hold onto an emergency key just in case.

In our case, I’m on the honor system. I don’t wear my cage 24/7, but rather only when I feel so aroused that I might be tempted to touch myself. Then I’ll put on the cage and will lock the key in a timed safe. My girlfriend hold onto the other key

What Are the Benefits of Male Chastity?

The most obvious benefits of male chastity are for the partner in control. They are always completely sexually satisfied whenever and however they desire and they have a partner who is always ready to please them.

For the partner in chastity, it varies. I love the feeling of constant arousal. It’s like a prolonged foreplay that can last for weeks on end. And the longer I’m in chastity, the more intense those feelings get. As someone who enjoys a touch of bondage and submission, I also love the feeling of my girlfriend being in complete control of my orgasms. We already have a signed contract indicating that she owns my cock, so the more aroused I get, the more I think of her. When I’m tempted to touch myself when I’m away from my girlfriend and I remember that I’m forbidden from doing so, it makes me feel closer to her. Feeling those urges almost seem like I’m feeling a piece of her inside of me. As she owns my cock, I must simply hold it for her and must refrain from giving in to the urge to touch myself. Otherwise, it would be a breach of trust. My chastity is my gift to her. I willingly give up my ability to orgasm in order to ensure that I’m always available and ready to please her.

The Chastity Cage

The benefit of wearing a chastity cage is multifold. First, it prevents any stimulation to the penis and it prevents erections. This is limits the ability of the wearer to have an orgasm, though an orgasm is still possible. However, an orgasm while wearing a cage necessitates using the mind. After a prolonged period of chastity play with a lot of teasing, wearers have been known to orgasm in their cages. This is fairly rare, and in my opinion, if the person in chastity is so aroused that they can orgasm just from using their mind, then they should be allowed to orgasm.

Another benefit of wearing the chastity cage is that by preventing erections, I find it makes it easier to sleep at night. If I can’t get an erection while I’m trying to fall asleep, it’s easier to drift off to sleep.

The thing I like most about being locked in my cage is that it feels like an extension of my girlfriend. It’s a constant reminder of the promise I made to her, and it feels more like I’m wearing a wedding ring than a bondage device. It fills me with a warm feeling whenever I notice it.

Of course, it’s necessary to remove it every couple of days for cleaning. As much as one tries to clean it in the shower, it’s impossible to get it completely clean without removing it. I like to clean mine with some anti-bacterial soap followed by a spay with some rubbing alcohol.

My Chastity Cage from Amazon

There are many chastity cages available from Amazon, but I finally settled on an unknown brand likely imported from China. When I purchased it, the company was called Ternence, but I can’t find the product anymore. The closest I could find to it, and what I believe to be the exact product is now known as the Chasteness Male Beginners Device Wearable Removable Stainless Steel Metal Protector for Men f137 (Size : 40mm). I prefer the stainless steel cages for the comfort (less chafing) and the ease of cleaning. Also, the angled cock ring provides for a much better fit. I could wear this cage for several days nonstop easily, and if necessary, I could wear it 24/7 without giving it a second thought.

The cage is the perfect size for the average penis. The width is perfect and the length is too. It’s better to get a cage that is slightly too short than too long. This cage provides just the right amount of restriction to prevent an erection, but still allows for breathing room.

The cock ring comes in several different sizes, so it’s important to measure yourself to learn what is the right size for you. The ring should be snug, but not tight.

Restricting blood flow can be quite dangerous, so be very careful with this step. It may be necessary to try out several cock rings before you finally decide to settle on a size for longterm wear. Even with three standard sizes available, I found it quite easy to find one that would provide just the right fit. I use Aquaphor Healing Ointment to lubricate the areas around the cock ring in order to prevent chafing. With the right sizing and a little bit of lubricant, I can wear my cage happily for days on end.

All in all, I’m very pleased with my Chasteness Chastity Cage from Amazon. For $35.04, it’s a great value. Most importantly, it’s comfortable, fits great, and ensures that I can remain in chastity for as long as my girlfriend decides.