For several months now, we’ve been testing sex toys and writing about them online. The site has become highly trusted and well-known for its snarky yet authentic style. We are the antidote to the coy, euphemistic sugar-coating that plagues bad sex writing. Many loyal readers entrust their future orgasms to us, and I do not take that honor lightly.

On this blog, we mostly write sex toy reviews, but we also talk about the latest, greatest, and worst fails of the adult industry, porn-filled jack-off sessions, behind-the-scenes peek into our lives as sex toy reviewers, answer reader questions, publish an annual best/worst list, and write the occasional guide.

This also means that we have a baseline knowledge of sex toys that very much surpasses that of your friend’s wife. We don’t believe that wishy-washy sex toy reviews benefit anyone. We have our preferences and pet peeves, but you will never read a review of ours and question how we honestly felt about the toy. Whether we love or hate something, we make it known. You’ll also never see the terms “marital aid” or “battery-operated boyfriend” in our reviews because euphemisms give us hives.