Tips to Choose Best Dildos

Dildo is your toy when you are looking for some awesome phallic pleasure to stimulate your G-spot. It’s one of the oldest and most popular adult toys, especially for women. Are you too planning to buy a dildo of late? It could be your first time. It could also be that your ex had got you a one but you are not really comfortable with it and are looking for a new one. Now, dildos are available in so many variations, shapes and sizes that it’s easy to get spoilt for choices.

However, no worries- the post below offers a brief on how to choose the best dildos.

Decide on length & width

This is one of the most important points to consider while choosing a dildo. When it comes to vaginal play, be careful of the length. If the toy is too small, it may get lost inside. Thus, you have to get a long one here to keep things under control.

In regards to width & girth of your dildo, you have to do little homework beforehand. Just check the number of fingers you will be comfortable with in your nether regions. The width of those fingers taken together will be the right width & girth for your dildo.

Decide on use

Before you buy your dildo, you must contemplate about the purpose of the toy. Do you want it for a powerful G-spot stimulation? Well, then go for a dildo made from firm materials such as metal or glass. The dildo should be slightly curved or angular. But, would you like to use it into anal? In that case, it’s must to choose a dildo with flared base. The flared quotient would make sure the toy does not get lost inside your body.

Now, some women love to use dildos with harness.  If you too are a strap-happy beauty, go for dildos with flanged base. This type of base makes it easy to hold the dildo in harness. Then, are you planning for pegging with your partner? Well, if that’s the plan, go for a curved option which can also double up as prostate stimulator.

However, if you are looking for couple fun, go for twisted dildos that are especially designed for dual play. These are the dildos as addictive as heroin!

What type do you need?

If it’s your first time with dildo, start with a small option. A smooth small dildo will be cool to make you acquainted with the whole thing. This is the kind of butt plug famous in NYC. But, would you like something more realistic? When you are craving for the best of sensual experience with your partner but you are alone- look for realistic dildos. These dildos are designed strategically akin to a real penis with realistic veins and ridges for the actual feel. It’s to note here, realistic dildos come with the label of “realistic dildos” clearly written on their packages. So, don’t forget to read the package before you buy a realistic dildo.

Be careful with material

Dildos are available in wide range of materials. You will find them in glass, metal, wood, silicone and so on. When you want the best stimulation on P-spot or G-spot, count on rigid options made from glass, metal and silicone. But if you are using silicone ones, please do not use silicone lube with it. Go for water-based lubes for all kinds of dildos, regardless of the material.

You should always buy a dildo from an adult toy shop that specializes in sex toys. Yes, you have many leading online retailers selling dildos today- but that could be a bad bargain. A lot of such stuff that you will find at these retail sites are actually fake. So, the best bet is to take to a reputed adult toy store.