Unlocking Your Vagina’s Potential Through Yoni Eggs

An integral part of Eastern culture for many centuries, the Yoni Egg or Yoni Egg is becoming increasingly popular among women of all ages, even in our latitudes. In addition to the potentially positive effects of the gemstone, it is above all a matter of strengthening the musculature of the pelvic floor with the yoni egg.

What is a yoni egg?

The yoni egg is an egg-shaped gemstone. Especially popular are jade, rose quartz and rock crystal. The word yoni comes from Sanskrit and means translated “origin”. In Tanta, the word Yoni is used as a term for the female reproductive organs. As the name implies, yoni eggs are gems that can be worn vaginally to strengthen the pelvic floor. So Can a yoni egg get stuck? The answers are there now.

This is how to prepare your yoni egg

Once you have a new yoniegg, cook it off for about 10 minutes. You should put it in cold water in the pot and only then boil. If you give the egg to the already boiling water or pour it over, it can get a jump. With lime water you can add a small dash of vinegar to the water so that the egg does not calcify after cooking. Before using, you should warm the yoni egg slightly. You can put it in warm water, for example, or warm it up with your hands for a short time. After use, wash with mild soap and water, allow to dry well in the air and store in the provided bag. You should not use the egg during pregnancy, menstruation or illness.

Use the yoni egg correctly

You can compare the yoni egg very well with vaginal weights or love balls. If you have already gained experience, you can easily transfer your previous exercises to the egg. If you are new to the field and do not know exactly how strong your pelvic floor is, you should start slowly. It’s best to get three different sizes and try out the size that feels best for you. At the beginning, you should not wear the egg for more than 10 minutes at a time and always attach a retrieval tape.


Also on the pelvic floor muscle you can get sore muscles and therefore you should not overdo it. At first you try to hold the egg only. Depending on the strength of your muscles, you may often lose it at the beginning. If your muscles are already stronger, you can train specifically with the egg. You can move it up and down, for example, by touching and relaxing. In addition, the yoni egg can be used in meditation. You can pull it up with the muscles with the inhalation and press it down while exhaling. If you are much practiced, you can also use it as an additional challenge in yoga.

Positive effects of yoni egg

With regular use you will soon notice the positive effects of your workout. Your pelvic floor muscles are strengthened and by doing so you not only prevent bladder weakness but can also greatly improve your love life. A good pelvic floor muscle can help you get to orgasm easier and faster. Also, your partner will feel your starched muscle.

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Which is the best?

There is no ultimate yoni egg that can be described as “the best” for every woman. Every lady use to be different. Based on which gemstones the eggs happen to be made of, these give off distinguished energies that correspond to one of the phases. Now it is important that you choose the yoni egg that suits your current situation. You do not have to do this alone; you can rely on the help of blogs so you can get the most informed decision. There are yoni eggs available at this website as well as expert advice in choosing the right one for you.

It is also important to know that you usually only need one yoni egg at a time. By properly training and building muscle, you know best when to move to the next one. Thus, you can build me the time an assortment of high quality Stone Eggs.

What’s in the application?

It is important to know that this is not a normal egg, but a gemstone egg, which can be made from different types of gems. For this reason, these training products are often referred to as jade eggs, as earlier and today for the production of jade is also used. The introduction of the egg in the vagina is said to trigger many positive effects in the woman. Here are to name especially:

  • Strengthening of the pelvic floor muscles
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Improvement of digestion
  • Help with sexual trauma
  • Protection against fungal diseases
  • Protection against infections
  • Increase in orgasmic capacity
  • Weaknesses of menstrual symptoms
  • Increase in sensitivity

Balancing the hormone balance

In this way different areas of a woman’s life can be improved and made more pleasant. Of course, it should be noted that every woman feels and experiences the positive qualities of this gemstone egg differently. In any case, it can be expected that the women will be pleasantly surprised by the application.


How is yoni eggs used?

The application of the yoni egg is very simple and can be used by any woman. It is important not to use a lubricant, petroleum jelly or another chemical bomb in order to introduce the egg more easily. It is a natural process that should be completely natural. In order to simplify the first insertion, you should lay down relaxed, so that the “spitting effect” can be made slowly. This is about slowly and gently welcoming the yoni egg.