Your Vagina’s Fitness Journey Starts With a Ben Wa Ball

The system of fitness exercises wobbling was created by engineer Vladimir Muravskiy. The methodology developed by the famous Russian activates passive vaginal muscles in just a few weeks. The fitness wobbling system turns women into sex goddesses. But wobbling has additional benefits:

Fitness for vaginal muscles: Fitness training of the vaginal muscles stimulates blood supply and hormonal exchange, maintains the balance of vaginal micro flora and increases the immunity of intimate parts. It slows the climax and prolongs the sexual youth of women. Fitness training of the vaginal muscles relieves labor and helps women to regain their form more quickly after birth.

It can be used as a natural contraceptive. Well-developed vaginal muscles and cervix can induce sperm fluids to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Fitness training of the vaginal muscles improves male potency. Elastic and strong vaginal muscles prolong male erection.

Fitness training is a great anti-cellulite therapy. Vaginal muscle training also loads femoral, buttock and abdominal muscles. Enhanced blood circulation in the intimate area improves the condition of the skin in the area of ??the hip. Fitness training of vaginal muscles stimulates the production of pheromones that attract representatives of the opposite sex.

Fitness techniques to develop vaginal muscles

For starters, you have to determine which your vaginal muscles are. It is not difficult. Just try to stop urinating and you will feel the muscles tense. Then try to stretch them yourself and hold them tight for about 10-20 seconds (learn to shrink vaginal muscles without shrinking your femoral, buttock or abdominal muscles).

Vaginal muscles are divided into 3 parts – lower (at the entrance to the vagina), middle (the muscles of the vagina itself) and upper (to the cervix). The next step is to alternate tension and relaxation of the vaginal muscles as quickly as possible. The last part of the workout involves pushing as a child. Start with a workout of 10 slow restraints and relaxations, 10 quick restraints and relaxations, and 10 pushups 5 times a day. Add 5 reps each week until they become 30.

It is even more effective using a special simulator or vaginal balls that are also sold in sex shops. Lubricate the spheres with a lubricant and insert them into the vagina. Tighten the lower muscles, take a deep breath and try to reach the ball with the vaginal muscles in the middle. Then try to move the ball up and down and left to right. As you progress, perform the upper vaginal muscles. So now you know what do Ben Wa balls feel like.

Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls are the name of a sex toy, which consists of hard balls strung on a cord with a diameter of about 1 to 2 cm. The balls are usually made of plastic, but other materials such as metal are sometimes used. To learn more of the different kinds of these vaginal balls, you can check and purchase ben wa balls here. This cord is placed in the vagina or anus and moved back and forth. The friction of the balls can stimulate sexually. It is the intention to remove the balls at the time of orgasm.

Many women know the problem. After a pregnancy, or as we become older, the pelvic floor muscles relax. As a result, when jumping or sneezing we can lose a little urine and feel less during sex. This makes it more difficult to achieve orgasm and an orgasm is less strong. For this blog you need to dived into the books on pelvic floor muscles and read everything that was loose and stuck on vaginal balls to write a good and clear summary of how, why and with which balls you can now best train.

What are vaginal balls?

Vaginal Balls or Ben-Wa balls make you train and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, but can also be worn for sensual pleasure for example, as foreplay. Stronger pelvic floor muscles not only prevent incontinence but are also good for fine sex with more feeling and you can more easily reach an orgasm. In addition, orgasms are also experienced as more intense by trained pelvic floor muscles.

Cone balls or Ben Wa balls have existed since the year 500 and are from ancient Asia where Geisha’s with the balls trained their pelvic floor muscles to bring the men into ecstasy. That is why Ben Wa Balls are also called geisha balls. Furthermore, you often encounter them under the denominator of vaginal balls, cone balls or pleasure balls.

If you want to work on your perinea tonicity with Ben Wa balls, it is better to choose evolutionary systems. Indeed, as for the choice of dumbbells, it is possible to opt for more and more heavy balls to promote more muscular work.